We are big fans of Live PD and watched all new episodes, and then re-watch most of the repeats, when we can.

We heard that people were playing a bingo type game while watching Live PD, and that sounded like fun to us. So we started making our own bingo cards using pen and paper...and then would play along with the show. So much fun...But we are pretty lazy, and we found it too much work to create new bingo cards every week (x2).

So using the latest and greatest 'bleeding edge' computer technologies, sparing no expense, we created the RBCG (Random Bingo Card Generator), that would allow us to randomly generate and print new bingo cards every week (x2). Truly amazing technology.

Now having this RBCG technology all to ourselves, we started to feel a little guilty. All the work Live PD fans have to do just to play bingo along with the show. Terrible, just terrible. It started to weigh on us. So after much discussion and thought, we came to a decision...we must find a way to share the RBCG technology with the reset of the world. But how?

We could mail everyone a new card every week (x2), but as we stated earlier, we are lazy, and all that printing, folding, envelope stuffing, and stamp licking, would just be too much work for us. So no...we had to come up with a better idea.

With much discussion and debate, out of no where, it hit us... BINGO (no pun indented), a brilliant... no, a tremendous idea came to us. We would take the RBCG technology to the internets. Brilliant, right?

So here we are...RealityTVBingo with RBCG technology built in, is available for world to enjoy!

We are going to be adding TV shows throughout the year. If you have any suggestions of shows you would like to play RealityTV Bingo with, please let us know.

Play on my friends, play on!